Certified Estate Planner In Canada


Estate Preservation

We help families and business owners to maximize their net worth. When it comes to estate preservation it’s highly important that your family &  heirs,  receive the most of the money. Tax bills after the death may bring issues like forcing heirs to sell the assets but proper planning can offset this burden. By increasing the liquidity, implementing sound tax & financial strategies, future estate tax liabilities can be handled properly.

Why is estate planning so important?

There are several reasons that estate planning and legacy planning are vital:

  • They ensure your assets are distributed as you see fit.
  • They help reduce estate taxes and expenses and simplify the transition of assets to your spouse or the next generation.
  • They allow you to think about how you can make the most of your assets during your lifetime and how they can be used to help others after your death.

What exactly is involved in estate planning?

Estate and legacy planning involve a variety of actions:

  • Determining how much of your wealth you want to pass down during your lifetime.
  • Deciding the most appropriate ways to transfer your wealth.
  • Considering how family circumstances may impact the distribution of wealth.
  • Learning how insurance can be used to provide a tax-free lump sum for family members or a favourite charity.
  • Drafting or reviewing and updating your will.
  • Discussing tax-efficient strategies that can be used to transfer your wealth.

How can you help me with legacy and estate planning?

Estate planning can get complicated, so it’s essential to consult us. We can work with you to help you determine your objectives and then plot a course of action to ensure you can achieve your goals.

We can discuss various options you may not have considered, including gifting money to family members and charities during your lifetime and the tax impacts of giving money before and after death.

Let us help you ensure a smooth transition of your wealth while avoiding unnecessary taxes from CRA.

We Can Help with This Challenging Task

Estate planning may not be as fun as planning for your retirement years or dreaming about what your new house will look like, but it’s essential to ensure you control how your wealth is distributed. Book a meeting with us today to get started on your legacy and estate planning.