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A solid financial plan can help you gain financial clarity and increase your net worth.

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Our Approach

We are well equipped and understand the unique challenges that are faced by you as a business owner. We believe that each business owner has something special about them, which they want to achieve during the lifecycle of the Business. To obtain the best results, the accountant, lawyer & Financial advisor must work as a team and this is what we emphasize upon.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals. We’re here every step of the way, whether it’s paying down your student loan debt, saving for a down payment on a house, or planning your retirement years. We ensure you’re equipped with financial tools and resources to achieve financial freedom.

With our help, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your money is working for you—and not the other way around.

Take Charge of Your Finances and Start Planning Your Future Today.

Tired of managing multiple professionals for your personal and business finances? Consider an integrated financial advisory firm. I collaborate directly with your team of experts to create a unified financial plan that brings clarity and peace of mind. My comprehensive approach combines the expertise of our in-house specialties, ensuring all aspects of your finances are covered. You can trust me to coordinate and streamline your finances, helping you reach your financial goals.

I am here to provide answers to all your questions, even those you haven’t thought of yet:

  • Am I saving enough for future goals like retirement or my children’s education?
  • How can I minimize my tax burden and maximize deductions?
  • How do I balance my immediate needs with long-term financial objectives?

Contact today to schedule a free consultation and discover how I can assist you.


For individuals looking to build a clear retirement and estate plan.

  • A clear plan to optimize your retirement cash flow while minimizing taxes
  • Comprehensive cash flow planning to ensure you have a solid financial foundation for retirement
  • Expert guidance on when to collect CPP and OAS so that you can get the most out of your government benefits
  • Will and estate tax planning to minimize tax bills for your loved ones after you’re gone
  • Defined Benefit Pension planning to help you navigate the complexities of commutation
  • An ideal retirement spending plan tailored to your desired lifestyle
  • Three months of post-delivery support from our team of financial experts to answer questions and provide guidance
  • Discounted plan updates after delivery so that you can stay on track with your retirement goals
  • Tax management strategies surrounding the accumulation and decumulation of investments to complement your estate and retirement plans


For households looking to build a clear retirement and estate plan.


  • Everything in the Individual Financial Plan, plus…
  • Spousal income splitting optimization to help you maximize your tax efficiency
  • Withdrawal strategies from registered accounts that take into consideration both spouses’ relocations
  • Expert guidance on the optimal CPP and OAS timing that complements the planning of both spouses
  • Stress tests to ensure the plan’s viability if one spouse or partner dies prematurely
  • Equalizing average tax rates between spouses to maximize your tax efficiency
  • Three months of post-delivery support to answer questions, clarify concepts, and discuss any financial planning-related issues that may arise
  • Discounted plan updates after delivery, so you can ensure that your retirement plan stays up-to-date with your changing needs


For professionals and small business owners with a corporation.


  • Everything in the Household Financial Plan, plus…
  • Corporate income and tax planning to ensure that your corporation is operating as efficiently as possible
  • Capital Dividend Account administration and utilization to help you maximize your tax efficiency
  • Expert guidance on transferring assets from the corporate to the personal level in a tax-efficient and timely manner
  • Alternative retirement scenarios with detailed cash flow and tax analysis, including real estate sales, delaying CPP, inheritance, and business sales
  • Three months of post-delivery support for answering questions, clarifications, and discussions
  • Discounted plan updates after delivery, so you can ensure that your retirement plan stays up-to-date with your changing needs

How Does The Process Work?

Retiring is a significant milestone, and I understand its importance. Unlike relying on general guidelines or guesswork, my established process ensures that you can retire confidently. With my approach, you can spend your retirement without fear of running out of money.

Take a look at my process below.

    Step 1 - Let's start by getting to know each other

    I’ll help you discover your dream retirement and the people you want to experience it with. I will guide you through the entire process of helping you select a plan that suits your needs.

    Step 2 - Gathering the information

    Once you choose your plan, our team will email you a welcome message. It will have a questionnaire for you to fill out, which helps us gather important information. After you complete the questionnaire, we’ll schedule a meeting to discuss it in more detail and better understand your goals and values.

    Step 3 - Plan Presentation: Collaborating on Your Customized Plan

    We believe the best plan is one that you can actually use, so we take your input seriously while fine-tuning your plan. We’ll meet again to show you the final plan we’ve put together. We’ll also review and make adjustments to ensure it meets your goals. It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks after you submit your forms to receive the completed plan.

    Step 4 - Plan delivery & implementation

    At this point, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions about your retirement plan. Many clients realize the importance of continuous guidance and services. While meeting the minimum investment requirement, I take care of implementing your plan. You can also choose to partner with me for ongoing investment management, retirement income, and tax planning services.


    Let’s Talk

    We get to know you and your goals.


    Your Financial Plan

    We implement a financial plan to achieve your goals.

    Financial Freedom

    Freedom to do the things you love. 



    What is the best structure for your business? How can business assets be organized in the most tax-efficient manner? How to maintain stability in the business?


    Financial Planning is a step by step process of evaluating a person’s present money situation and his long term monetary goals and then constructing a strategy to achieve these goals.


    While most people start their career at their early twenties it's altogether a different scenario for medical professionals.


    Life insurance is beneficial if someone depends on you financially such as a spouse, kids, parents, grandparents, brother or sister.


    We can help you invest in the right ways for your needs by reviewing your portfolio and making recommendations that meet your goals.


    Insurance for those visiting Canada, Supervisa Insurance, and Snowbird Insurance


    Discover the convenience and peace of mind of an integrated financial advisory firm, where I create a comprehensive financial plan, ensuring all aspects of your finances are covered.

    Happy Clients

    We were introduced to Munish Mehan by our accountant. We operate 2 dental clinics and were fortunate to have had 3 exceptional years where we grossed five times our normal annual revenue. We were very nervous about where to invest that money so that it would be safe, creditor protected and still growing. Munish Mehan analysed our situation and found us to be good candidates for a Financial Plan along with Insurance & Investments. We also needed life insurance to fund our buy/sell partnership agreement. We had a bad experience with life insurance in the past and didn’t want to repeat our mistakes. But when he showed us how we could set ourselves up for retirement, leave a legacy for all of our children through these products, we saw it as the perfect solution. I would highly recommend Munish Mehan and his team for their creative solutions, professionalism, thorough in-depth attention to detail, and the way he took a complex situation and simplified it for us.”

    – Ron B.

    Happy Clients

    Munish Mehan helped us with financial planning. Earlier, we thought having an investment is same as financial plan. Munish helped us with a financial plan and to understand the difference. He has been so amazing throughout the process. He takes care of all our investments and insurance also. Having a growing business, It was so busy for me to look at my finances everyday. Thanks Munish as we are on right track with your advise.

    Monica & Salman

    Happy Clients

    Munish is customer centric. He provided me with great choices and explained in detail each of the options suggesting what may or may not work depending upon my profile. His knowledge in financial planning and customer care is awesome. I am happy to be his client.”

    Venkat Sundaram

    Happy Clients

    Mr.Munish Mehan is a great individual who has helped me and my family with the complex world of finances and wealth management. We were treated with professionalism and felt at ease with the knowledge Mr.Munish provided us to make the best decision for us. Highly recommend him to everyone.

    – Dhruv Sharma 

    Happy Clients

    Munish Mehan is outstanding! I am a CPA and we run a big practice. Munish made a comprehensive financial plan for me. He collected all the required data from me before recommending anything. I knew that It takes time & effort to make a good financial plan. I am right on track, though I know a lot of stuff but still I needed a financial planner. You cant be your own teacher, doctor, accountant, trainer, dentist, or a financial planner. Its not the matter of how you should do it but what matters is who can do it for you in the right manner. Don’t fret over your finances and let the right people handle them. Munish is honest, transparent, and excellent at explaining everything relevant to a financial plan. Highly recommended!

    – Jasneet Kaur

    Happy Clients

    Being in the medical field and keeping track of day-to-day financial activities is hard. I have been working with Munish for the last 2-3 years. He has been of great help to me as a Financial planner. We discussed my goals and objectives and Munish had useful suggestions for me. On the other hand, I was having trouble finding a good insurance company for my mom. He was very patient with me, and very helpful in finding a suitable company with the best price available. He also identified and recommended planning needs like making wills and other important documents. Moreover, Munish helped me with my insurance as well. I would recommend him as he is very knowledgeable and such a pleasant professional to work with. He works hard, replies readily to my inquiries and has been of great help. Thanks Munish!

    Marwa Ahmed